Thursday, May 26, 2011

Kickstarter is up and Running!!! + progress on the time machine!

Hey its been a while, but I was busy prepping for the Kickstarter which is now up and running! My goal is $3500 to build a 6-8ft(estimate) long 3D adaptation of the Time Machine.  here's the link

Please donate whatever you can or spread the word to whoever can donate so I can realize this project.


Sunday, May 8, 2011

It's about time!!!

 The photos of my thesis, here they are! I honestly forgot to post them, so do forgive me and thx to the first poster of my blog(besides me) for reminding me. 



Pg-3(Not a fan of it, had a totally different concept but needed to make a few creative compromises cuz i had no money to pull it off in the time I had)





Pg-8...Yeah i hate that page too much to show, trust me its crap.
I'm going to get around to posting more often during the summer(I hope) but I plan to post my findings on the principles and my observations on making 3D comics.

until then,