Saturday, December 15, 2012

Sry but been working on Moxie!

Like the title says I've been busy busy busy! I'm still working on my submissions of Moxie and also coordinating/promoting the book too. If this is successful, I'm probably not going to submit again, cause editing/producing and contributing is a fucking nightmare. I can tell you the three stories I've settled upon, two o which are done the last i'm still working out the kinks:

-I Hate You: A story about the aftermath of a high school fight.

-The Burning Dog: A harsh fairy tale from a harsh land.

-Adventure Story: A boy and girl's adventure...that's all I can say not to ruin it.

so Come Friday on Kickstarter and search "Moxie 01" and all will be reavealed

Sorry for the in-activeness but it was worth it and I still got more work to do!

take care,