Saturday, December 31, 2011

I'm a Terrible Blogger

Yeah, I should use this blog more often. It's been months since my last posting and I been busy and doing alot of stuff comics and art related, but thats all over with and i don't feel like explaining it all. Im still working on 3D comics but that has taken the passenger seat to working on my Senior Portfolio @ SVA. I wish I had a scanner/camera to show all the work I been doing, but being a poor college student I have to wait till the library opens up. I'm not giving up on this blog!


Monday, July 11, 2011

Its been a while but some developments

Wow, *blows dust off blog* for those who by miracle are still following me hello! alot has happened since the last post so let me recap:

First the Kickstarter for The Time Machine did not meet its goal in time so is was more bust than boom, but something interesting happened! I'm gonna be tight lipped about it for now until there's some finality to the sittuation but rest assured its good news.

Second I spent two weeks working @ Multiarts in Amherst and that was a GREAT experience! I was teacher's aid/ counsoler for the art classes for kid ages 4-11 and had great time teaching a making a few projects with them(also was a origami slave for the 7-9 yo class). working with the kids made me draw more and kept me on my toes, so i definitely won't mind teach art classes for kid down the road as B&B. Sadly i was unable to stay for the whole summer cause of the long commute from Springfield to Amherst.

Finally, I regret to inform that I actually lost interest in continuing work on The Time Machine. bummer but im now back to the drawing board on what to do as my next 3D comic, but im going in the direction a original piece.

so sorry for the inactiveness and take care


Thursday, May 26, 2011

Kickstarter is up and Running!!! + progress on the time machine!

Hey its been a while, but I was busy prepping for the Kickstarter which is now up and running! My goal is $3500 to build a 6-8ft(estimate) long 3D adaptation of the Time Machine.  here's the link

Please donate whatever you can or spread the word to whoever can donate so I can realize this project.


Sunday, May 8, 2011

It's about time!!!

 The photos of my thesis, here they are! I honestly forgot to post them, so do forgive me and thx to the first poster of my blog(besides me) for reminding me. 



Pg-3(Not a fan of it, had a totally different concept but needed to make a few creative compromises cuz i had no money to pull it off in the time I had)





Pg-8...Yeah i hate that page too much to show, trust me its crap.
I'm going to get around to posting more often during the summer(I hope) but I plan to post my findings on the principles and my observations on making 3D comics.

until then,

Thursday, April 7, 2011

My Next 3D comic...

Yes, I'm working on a sculpture comic adaptation of the Time Machine!
I Also am setting up a Kickstarter(my proposal was already approved) so affording the materials to build it wont be a problem. I'll post the kickstarter link when I have everything in order.

I'll have more on it in the coming weeks...

wish me luck,

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Thesis Photos update

The thesis is done! I just want to get that out there I'm just having trouble in getting them set up to be shot and getting a good camera(so buying a camera ASAP!!!)

Art Director's Club

Here it is the Art Directors Club Exhibit!
The Chruch of SVA
The assignment: design a church pew based on something you worship

Here's my Church Pew, my thing I "worship": Nintendo!

 It has a screen witha playable game of Mario Bros.(and Duck Hunt but no light gun sry)

A Goomba!

How does he intend to get that mushroom?

and to top it all off a Pihrana Plant!

This was a enjoyable assignment to work on and was compensation to not getting itno the cartooning illustration thesis show. also it was featured on the news(for a moment)!

The link is here:

If you can, you should head to the show before it ends on sat, it's on 106 W29 St, Manhattan.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Thesis 99% done and some disappointing news with some good news!

Yes my 3D comic on the legend of John Henry is almost complete! i only have to complete one panel which ill get to by weeks end with photos by sunday! On a more disappointing note I was unable to get into junior thesis show which i wanted to get into SOOO BADLY. The dept. chair Thomas Woodruff said it felt like a trasitional piece and that the materials did not transcend thier intial forms and become something new, it lacked harmony. from that eye opening crit and this great experiment I now have the experience and knowledge to make a second one work this time, i'll start drawing out the plans for it after this semester ends.

Now the good news! during this semester I was also taking 3D design and illustration and we had a exhibition assignment, design a church pew based on something you "worship". I decided to go with Nintendo and after juggling this assignment and my thesis on a tightrope since january, I finished the pew and got into the Art Directors Club! I'll be attending it tonight and i'll have pictures up on Wed or Thurs.

now if you excuse i'll be killing time till I have to regester for senior year

thank you and take care,

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Thesis progress

Pages 1 and 2 are 98% done! all that needs to be put in is the lettering and they'll be done done. Pg 3 needs some re tooling i hope to finish later today and i'm working on Pg 4 right now. im not going to think of Pgs 5-8 till 3 and 4 are in the green and i'll have pics of the completed pages up ASAP!

Monday, March 14, 2011


yes they are here! and i hope you enjoy them!
more work is being done on them as I post this, so expect more finished boxes soon!