Thursday, January 27, 2011

Sculpture comic/thesis progress

I should have started this blog earlier so you could see the whole process, but I guess I can post all the sketches that lead up to where I am now later, but im done building all the pages!!! they are still naked but look sexy as do most things that are naked.


Our thesis theme is fairy tales and adventure stories and I chose the story of John Henry(good economic climate to do such a story IMO). the idea of a sculpture comic came to me last year due to my disdain for digital comics and most of all motion comics(a evolutionary dead end IMO) and the curiosity of what would a 3D comic look like. so after lots of pondering and designing not to mention trial and error along the way i'm 40% complete with my second sculpture comic, first done in wood.  

as i make progress i'll explain more functions and feature of my thesis and approach to making sculpture comics.

take care,

Thursday, January 20, 2011

AACRO artist's statement

Hello, my name is AACRO and this first post will act as an artists statement. As a young cartoonist closing in on the end of my studies @ SVA and the start of my professional life as a freelancer, i'm getting this blog started later rather than sooner(like a moron) so...

Artist's Statement:
My 2D work is geometric and planar by nature, designed and composed meticulously only to be painted in watercolor and goauche with gesutural and nonchalant brushwork(or not), while my recent 3D work is made of paper, wood, and found objects. My art is influenced by Austrian art and design, Yoshihiro Tatsumi, Garret Price, Fletcher Hanks, Christian and Islamic Art, the Bauhaus, Joseph Cornell, H.C. Westermann, Andy Goldsworthy, Lee Bontecou, Kay Nielsen, graphic design, Wes Anderson and Michel Gondry.    
 I have no particular subject matter I focus on, my stories are born out of the desire of find "a story worth telling" and have I a great range in terms of genre, visual experimntation, and narrative design.

I hope this is sufficient in terms of an intro to who I am as an artist and I apologize for no images(still have not bought that camera I said I was going to buy 4 years ago, lol) but here's one of my pieces!, a form of comics i've been developing, a sculpture comic. I will post more work(not enough) and writing(too much) on this later.