Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Thesis 99% done and some disappointing news with some good news!

Yes my 3D comic on the legend of John Henry is almost complete! i only have to complete one panel which ill get to by weeks end with photos by sunday! On a more disappointing note I was unable to get into junior thesis show which i wanted to get into SOOO BADLY. The dept. chair Thomas Woodruff said it felt like a trasitional piece and that the materials did not transcend thier intial forms and become something new, it lacked harmony. from that eye opening crit and this great experiment I now have the experience and knowledge to make a second one work this time, i'll start drawing out the plans for it after this semester ends.

Now the good news! during this semester I was also taking 3D design and illustration and we had a exhibition assignment, design a church pew based on something you "worship". I decided to go with Nintendo and after juggling this assignment and my thesis on a tightrope since january, I finished the pew and got into the Art Directors Club! I'll be attending it tonight and i'll have pictures up on Wed or Thurs.

now if you excuse i'll be killing time till I have to regester for senior year

thank you and take care,

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