Saturday, January 7, 2012

Winter Break summary

Look I posted! now that im a slightly better blogger than before i wann recap on my winter break.

-Got 7 first draft pages of Glenda done!
My baby is making some progress and I hope to get more done before Wed! I sent of some pages to Mazzuchelli, I hope he gets a chance to see them before classes start up.

-Did some reading on Theater and read parts of plays, all leading up to still  not sure what play i want to make a set for.
I checked out Corilianus and im hoping i get into the story so I can sketch up a set.

-Too much gaming inbetween all that, still procrastinating on buying Freedom.
nuff said.

-Still jobless...

-Went to the Met!
I love the new Islamic Art section! they even had minature paintings on display that i've seen in some books. some particulars is the persian ceramics which is this luminescent blue with black patternwork. its almost unworldly to look at! i did some drawing in the cclassical art section but having no chair was rly taxing and i ended up drawing most of the same sculptures i drew my last visit(2 yrs ago).

Overall i was rly productive and im looking forward to my final semester @ SVA.

take care and until then,

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