Monday, October 1, 2012

This boy has Moxie!!

Hey there, been a while but my spirits are up, short on money but long on time(love that song!) and working my ass off! Moxie has been going smoothly and is being made so we can have a successful Kickstarter! We want to finish 90-110% of the book so we can raise the money print it and get people their rewards ASAP, something i know the KS community likes, expedience. I come to the realization that "The Man Who jumped off the World" is too long of a story to pull off(saving it for Moxie 02) so i'm thinking of shorter stories to do that will compliment "I Hate You" and live up to what kind of stories that are representative of me, genre stories with a emphasis on theme and allegory. I have two ideas in mind brewing in that afro-turkish kettle of a head. more on that later, but until then gotta make Moxie a reality!

Take care and until nxt time!


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